Robot Sanbot na evencie

Sanbot robot

Multimedia Assistant Robot.

Sanbot has a built-in projector to display a wide variety of information about your company and its products. It easily detects the presence of a human, it can also avoid obstacles moving efficiently and collision-free. It can be a great marketing device by displaying a company description, surveys or quizzes.

Marek Kaliciak

Sales Robotics Officer

Bring robots into your reality!

Bring robots into your reality!

Where will a Multimedia Robot Fit?

Brand Promotion

Sanbot will fit where promotion of your products and company is important. It will perfectly attract new customers at various events and conferences. The extensive multimedia system makes it a very versatile robot. It can display your company description, surveys or quizzes thereby attractively increasing your brand appeal.

Working with people

Sanbot is a fantastic attraction with the built-in fun and entertainment functionality. It can tell fairy tales so it will perfectly help and while away the time of children staying, for example, in a hospital. Sanbot has a built-in projector used to display a wide variety of information.

Why hire a multimedia robot?

A subwoofer or built-in projector are not all the perks of the Sanbot robot.

Sanbot robot- Technical specifications

  • Operating time on a single charge: 4-10 hours depending on load
  • Charging time: up to 2 hours (possible operation while charging)
  • Deadweight: 19 kg
  • Movement speed: 0.8 m/s
  • Sensors: distance, touch and infrared
  • Operating system: ROS 1.1 / Android
  • Data transfer via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
Built-in projector
Touch screen
Powerful speakers
A set of proximity sensors
Communicating emotions through temple color
Stable wheeled base

Hire a Multimedia Robot

Sanbot brings many benefits to its work place. It is not only an additional attraction but also a full-fledged employee. Sanbot has a positive effect on:

Rental of a Robot Sanbot

net price per day from:

Individual calculation

Included in the Price:

  • Logistics costs of the robot
  • Technical supervisor

Additional Options:

  • Fully customized software

  • Sanbot as an information desk

  • Quizzes and surveys

  • Welcoming and entertaining guests

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Marek Kaliciak - Robots Sales
Marek Kaliciak
Sales Robotics Officer