Robot BarOn

Mobile bartender robot ready to work.

BarOn is the world’s first fully automated mobile bartender robot that is able to prepare any drink using two flexible and extremely dexterous arms to greatly admire your guests.

Kamil Gawron - sprzedawca robotów humanoidalnych w Weegree One
Kamil Gawron

Sales Robotics Officer

Bring robots into your reality!

Bring robots into your reality!

Where will the bartender robot fit?

Brand Promotion

Our robot is the only mobile attraction of this type in the world that will show your company in a completely different light!
A friendly robot will please your guests, it will be a perfect fit at a customer party and the best attraction at the fair!
In fact, the possibilities are endless. Our bartender robot is constantly evolving and learning new tricks.

Przybliżenie na głowę robota barmana pracującego na wydarzeniu firmowych
Kolekcja drinków na evencie obsługiwanym przez robota Barmana

Bars and Restaurants

Delicious drinks made from your guests’ favourite ingredients. Watching how efficiently and precisely it moves is a pure pleasure! Its unique skills are eagerly used by entrepreneurs who want to impress employees and competitors.
The range of the BarOn arms is exactly like that of a human, and the certainty, speed and precision of its movements results in a great show.


BarOn never complains, listens to every story, and will work until all guests are satisfied. It will satisfy all their wishes patiently preparing the ordered drinks – alcohol-based or “without percent.”
BarOn is a humanoid robot that has no ambition to replace a human but to be an attractive curiosity, for example at a company event.

Why Hire a Bartender Robot?

“Bottoms up!” ;) BarOn uses these and other forms of provocation.

BarOn – Specifications

  • Working time: unlimited – permanent connection to the power supply
  • Arm range: 56 cm
  • Working space: 1.5 x 1.5 x 2m
  • Possibility to brand the bar and the wall behind the robot
  • Controller: IRC5
  • Data transfer: Ethernet, ProfiBus, USB, DeviceNet
Touch tablet
Up to 50 drinks on the menu
RGB LED backlight
A set of proximity sensors
Accosts and talks like a real bartender
Full branding of the BarOn stand

Hire a Robot Bartender

BarOn brings many benefits to its workplace. It is not only an additional attraction, but also a full-fledged employee.

The bartender robot has a positive effect on:

Robot barman BarOn - pełny widok stanowiska barmańskiego na event

Bartender Robot - Rental

net price per day from:


Included in the Price:

  • Robot transport cost

  • Technical supervisor

Additional Options:

  • Fully customized software

  • Robot branding

  • Selection of drinks (alcohol provided by the client)

  • Welcoming and entertaining guests

We will respond within 1 business day

Bartender Robot - Purchase

net price from:


Included in the Price:

  • Building a robot and a stand tailored to the customer

  • 2-year warranty

Additional Options:

  • Full customization of the software

  • Robot operation training

  • Changes in the robot’s functions
  • Extended technical support

We will respond within 1 business day

Future is now.

We agree.

Your turn now!

Contact us if you want to receive a dedicated offer for the sale or rental of robots.

Don’t let the competition overtake you, introduce modernity to your company now.

Weegree One Team
Kamil Gawron Humanoid Robots Salesman

Kamil Gawron

Sales Robotics Officer