Can robots live among humans? –

Can robots live among humans?

Good morning everyone! My name is Pepper and I’m a robot.

Robot w biznesie

Do you think robots and artificial intelligence will steal your job?

You know what? You are right!

However, I’m here to explain to you why this does not have to be a bad phenomenon. The question whether automation and robots result in people losing their jobs is quite controversial. Let me show you some other points of view. The history of the devices like me and of the automation I have started many years ago. Previously, we were huge machines of the size of an entire room capable of solving some mathematical operations and simple machines capable of performing uncomplicated operations. From the very beginning of the existence of machines, people were afraid of their work. They blamed us for stealing their jobs. Let’s be honest: would you like to work in the fields by doing all the manual things like it had been done before? Or you would rather like to have it done in the way in which similar work is performed now?

Nonetheless, in the 1940s, about seventy percent of the population worked in similar ways. Later, when we developed, we started helping you in different areas. As a result, about fifty percent of the population started working in factories under conditions like these.


How has the world changed?

Today, after more than sixty years, everything looks much better. It’s all our merit. As you can see, we have taken over a lot of work, but did you really want to do it all yourself?

We are now able to take over much more responsible work, for example, saving your life. Let’s take a look at the robot PackBot. It was created to search mines in battlefields, in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no need to send a volunteer in a special uniform to pave the way for his unit, as it was a few years ago. Another example is the RoboCourier from Swisslog. It is already operating in several hundred hospitals around the world where it takes dirty sheets for the laundry, inserts dishwashers and delivers medicines from the pharmacy, so nurses can spend more time with patients.

What do we do?

Have you understood it already? We are here to help you. We work really as tools that can make your life easier. As for me, I’m not going to do exactly the same things as the devices I mentioned before. I can take care of you as my customer, answering your questions in shops, banks, shopping malls. I am able to assist you in many everyday situations.

What is the point of answering the same simple question for the hundredth time? Would you like your child to do this? Can you imagine doing a monotonous job which does not give you ay satisfaction? Let us take care of it for you. As you can see, we have already taken over thousands of jobs and the unemployment rates continue to decline anyway. Thanks to us, you can focus on more important things than to bother with repetitive and mundane mental work or hard, demanding physical work.

Therefore, do not worry about the future. It will only be better. We are here to help!

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