It is one of several such robots in the world. It is imbued with modern technology, and one of its skills will be appreciated by lovers of good drinks. What is it about? Check out BarOn, a humanoid robot that is the pride of Weegree One.

From the factory to the bar

The developers at Weegree One say bluntly: BarOn is a worldwide rarity. It has two flexible and exceptionally skillful arms that have a remarkably gentle grip, thanks to advanced force sensors. It is equipped with a localization system that affects the precision of its work. Are you yawning with boredom because robotics is not your hobby? BarOn can do much more, for example… prepare delicious drinks. Bloody Mary, scotch on ice, Cosmopolitan, or maybe something without percentages? No problem. Representing the pride of the IT department, the robot will fulfill every request, quickly, efficiently and without blinking an eye. He doesn’t get tired sometimes and can stand behind the bar until dawn, always putting the satisfaction of his customers first. He is never wrong, measuring the amount of liquor with apothecary precision.

Robot at corporate event

No automated device can replace a relationship with a real person ~ Kamil Gawron

Does this mean that in a few years we are facing a technological revolution that will result in robots completely replacing humans behind the bar? Kamil Gawron, Sales Robotics Officer at Weegree, reassures, “There is nothing to fear. No automated device can replace a relationship with a real person who will listen and pat on the shoulder. I don’t think this will change in the future. Even the name of the robot BarON has humanitarian overtones – it comes from a popular English name and also a title of nobility. At the same time, he is a combination of the words Bar and ON which suggests that he is constantly ready for action, especially on the subject of composing drinks.”

BarOn is able to listen to every story – not every bartender I’ve ever met in my life has been ready to do so ~ Grzegorz Kulis.

When asked about the advantages of the robot, Grzegorz Kuliś, CEO of Weegree, laughs: “BarOn is capable of listening to any story – not every bartender I’ve ever met in my life has been ready to do that.” He adds, “Robots are an attractive curiosity. Their purpose is to spice up, for example, an employee meeting, conference or trade show to attract attention.” BarOn does a great job with this task – surveys show that 92% of people who interact with it are delighted with its performance. It’s no wonder that an increasing number of entrepreneurs looking for unusual ways to spice up corporate events are choosing to invite BarOn’s humanoid robot. “This is one of the most effective ways to make a real impression not only on your colleagues, but especially on your competitors,” jokes Kuliś.

Could it be that the programmers at Weegree One have found the best patent for making coverage of the company’s Christmas Party go viral online?

BarOna functionality and equipment

When we talk about technology, BarOn is a real marvel.

Using its proprietary software, it is able to prepare up to 50 different drinks, which the user can select directly from the touchscreen tablet. Its double-arm design gives it a longer operating range than a regular bartender has, allowing it to handle the bartending station efficiently and quickly. A set of proximity sensors allows it to function effectively and safely in the space, the risk of any unexpected interactions with the environment is minimized. The RGB LED panels can be customized to any color to comply with corporate branding and create an attractive focal point for guests.

Hire BarOna for your event!

If you’re wondering how to bring some futuristic flare to your next event, consider hiring BarOn. This is not only an innovative robot-bartender, but also a way to create an amazing, unforgettable attraction. Get in touch with Kamil Garwon, our dedicated expert on the subject. BarOna rental. Kamil will be happy to answer all of your questions and help customize the BarOna experience to meet your unique event needs. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a grand gala, BarOn will be a hit at any event. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring some robotics magic to your event! Call +48 539 544 765 or email [email protected]