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Our Team

Our team

A whole staff of top programmers is working on our robots! Thanks to their commitment and skills, WEEGREE ONE is the best job on the market.

Grzegorz Kuliś

Chief Executive Officer

Tomasz Kuliś

Chief Operating Officer

Łukasz Dudek

Chief Robotics Officer

Janusz Krzeczek

Chief Commercial Officer

Jarek Francik

Chief International Officer

Przemysław Zgoda

Chief Technology Officer

Dawid Nowak

Chief Branch Officer


Szymon Lewandowski

Sales Officer


dr hab. inż. Ryszard Beniak

Humanoid Robot Developer

dr inż. Arkadiusz Gardecki

Humanoid Robot Developer

dr inż. Michał Podpora

Humanoid Robot Developer

Oleksandr Gudzenko

Humanoid Robot Developer


Mykola Kotyluk

Senior IT Officer

Bartłomiej Klin

IT Officer

Filip Derenowski

IT Officer

Bartosz Matuszek

IT Officer

Sylwia Babiarz

IT Officer

Wojciech Mucha

IT Officer

Mateusz Szubert

IT Officer

Adrian Ochmann

IT Officer

Dmytro Manuilsky

IT Officer

Mikołaj Rybiński

IT Officer


Robert Słowik

Senior Marketing Officer

Michał Listwoń

Marketing Officer

Olaf Gałecki

Marketing Officer

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Join the Weegree IT department

Are you looking for a unique job in an innovative company dealing, among other things, with humanoid robots?
We specialize not only in robotics but also develop many other projects. For over 13 years we have been specialists in the field of employee outsourcing, we create modern ATS systems and job portals. We work with clients from Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland. Reliability, high quality and individual approach to each project are our greatest strengths. Many years of experience allows us to understand the needs of the market, which results in building long-term relationships. Apply and learn about the Weegree One project from the inside.