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Humanoid robots that you and your clients will love

Introduce a huge dose of innovation into your business.

By employing robots in your company, you give your customers the ability to interact with the newest technology, providing them with the highest levels of professional service and detailed, specific information. Thanks to a technically advanced software and a capability to operate the built-in knowledge base, the robots are able to learn new reactions and activities. Our specialized team of programmers is constantly developing the Weegree One project so that robots are able to continue to develop their functions.


  • Customer service in many languages
  • Natural communication
  • Friendly appearance
  • Huge knowledge


Thanks to its technologically advanced software, in addition to the built-in knowledge base, the robot is able to learn new reactions and activities.


Our robots always smile, even in repetitive and tedious activities. As a result, they make an excellent impression on the client.


The use of robots in the tertiary sector in Poland is relatively small. When you decide to buy a robot, you are ahead in the competition and you are introducing your business into a computerized reality.

Robots which love to work

The Weegree One can successfully work in:

  • bank;
  • restaurant;
  • shop;
  • travel agency;
  • car showroom;
  • museum;
  • hospital;
  • art gallery;
  • medical specialist's office;
  • airport

Owing to their extensive knowledge and the ability to learn fast, they are able to provide answers to even the most complicated questions.


We create tailor-made software for your business.

We have a dedicated team of programmers who have created and are continuously developing Weegree One.

Owing to the strong scientific background, our product is characterized by a high level of innovation. We approach individually to each customer in order to create a solution tailored to his needs.

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